I survived a dreadful accident…

   Actually it wasn’t as ‘dreadful’ as it may sound. Just a single gave-away of my already weakened ankle and a full flight down the marble staircase, a left-sided slide and three very obvious swellings that led me to cry out in agony. But I have never been more grateful of such a painful encounter as I am to this one.

   I must have made quite a stumbling thudding noise that my siblings sharpened their ears to it, and didn’t waste a second when they heard me cry out in pain. Before I can even start to think thoroughly about what happened and how am I to deal with it I was crowded by an eminently yet contrastingly comforting figures I have ever unexpectedly yet undeniably true to have undoubtedly come to my rescue: my two sisters and my little brother.

   Sure I have had encountered a more life-threatening accident before, and I had a bigger crowd then, but not this type of comfort. Rather, far from it. My little brother, who by age is far younger but in no way is anymore ‘little’ now that he’s grown physically bigger, held me up from my dreadful position at the bottom of the stairs. My two sisters in awe fear and freak rambled for aid, lit up the staircase and actually pulled a humor out of my pathetic fall and turned the whole event into a moment of levity. I simply gritted my teeth and managed a laugh too; after all, it was all too funny in a way.

The high speed collision gave a new sense of sight to me…

   It wasn’t a ‘high’ speed even though it felt like it occurred in a flash, and there wasn’t any real collision either, it was just me. But it really did give me a new sense of sight!

   I have always loved my sisters and brother more than anything in this world. Family is dear to me. And I have always been top dog in the family, so everything was just a give-give for me. But accidents such as this, that placed me for a moment there in the position of ‘fragile’ and ‘in need’ opened my eyes to the side of the family that never caught my attention.

   My little brother has grown stronger than ever to lift me up when I cannot move and support me to my now limping feet, is now no longer ‘little’. My sisters have been enabled to act upon the need of the hour with a gift of humor to lessen the pain. And as I sat there on my bed, my sister gone out to tend to her part time job; I just sat there waiting, longing for her to come and wrap up my sprained ankle.

   I can’t express it enough, and I’m running out of vocabulary, poor as mine is, to express that feeling, that emotion which ran through my senses as my beloved siblings gathered around to pick up a dreadful fallen me from the floor. I tell you, I have never felt love so great and pleasant as that moment gave me. It truly is pure love that empowers the invisible cords that bind siblings together.

   Everyone here in this world, in our search for love that’s worth giving up everything, we dealt with love of friends, of romantic relationships: boyfriends and girlfriends, colleagues and so many others. And in my own experiences and encounters, I have concluded that everyone else is just a selfish version of who they want to be; and like a song said, the rest of us are just like ‘northern stars’, insignificant and used.

   Love that runs in a family, among blood siblings, that cared, that sacrificed, that weeps, and that rebukes yet loves all the more. I guess these accidents that happen, are actually safety valves for the human soul, that we may not lose our ways and to help remind us of true love that was and has always been there right in front of us.


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