That moment



Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 3:41am

   As i cross the street, rain still drizzling over the darkening city, and i am almost knee-deep in the muck that flooded the road; flashes of enormous electrical energy which you call it lightning frequented the night sky right above my head which shook me right off my comfort zone. And all of a sudden, i was extremely glad i have the greatest physicist for a master, rather The Master.

   There are times, big ones and small ones, when for that short moment of realization you arrived at, felt the greatest gratitude to the Master. But as the mind ponders, such moments are acknowledged only when after a thought of realization comes to the self; but fact remains every breathing moment is in need of divine assistance. It’s just the partial ability to appreciate only certain situations thought to be crucial that biased the mind to think sense not often but seldom.

   Thinking back, i can only start to see divinity like specks of twinkling stars on a cloudy night sky. Like the night sky that is cloudy, when looked at more carefully and more attentively, one can make out the specks of stars that twinkles and never dwindled. The stars are always there, ever shining brightly and beautifully; it is just the path of vision that hazes the sight to think as if the sky is dark. When for all that is true you know it very well that the sun may not be visible but yet still existent and very much expected the next morn.

   Life is sometimes like a cloudy night sky. And it takes more than just every day events to enable us to look back and pay attention to divine presence. To look back diligently and with all possible attention, and be able to see life through better sight. And i see more as i look back more carefully. That small voice which became clearer after the storm; that crucial moment when you realize the comforting peace of divine presence.


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