Sooner or later



   The other day, on a Sunday, I attended a Bible Class in the church which turned out to be one of the most mind-opening ones for me of the late.

   There was a discussion upon the Second coming of Christ; concerned mainly upon the ‘when’ especially looking back to the Scriptures when most prophets and apostles expect it to happen very soon. Apostle Paul himself thought he might even encounter it during his lifetime! But look at today, not just a mere couple of hundred years since Paul had passed away, and many more had passed away while still claiming the Second coming of Christ is knocking right at the door!

   Sure there are things that start to happen which indicates that the Second coming is seriously near, but we have heard it so often; many has lost their way in their extreme preparation for this End of the World. The question is: What is with all these predictions and premonitions? It never did occur to me but this is all from a perspective that is psychologically as humanly possible as it gets.

   Take an example: your love that went out of station and coming home to you in a year’s time. Imagine the eagerness, the excitement, the waiting, and all the preparations. For a year you’d keep on telling your neighbors your love is coming home. For the least eager ones, a year is long enough to say that you’ve been talking about it for almost a year yet nothing’s happening. But for you, as long as a year gets you’d imagine the glorious moment as if it is going to happen the day immediately after! And nothing can stop you from ceasing to speak about it.

   In the same manner, for those who truly dwell within the love of God, this Second coming is eagerly waited for, thoroughly prepared for over and over again, and told of not just once but several times, and hoped for as if it might just happen the day that immediately followed. We hear of prophets thousands of years ago, apostles hundreds of years ago, speaking of the Lord and His Coming as if it might just happen the morrow.

   Nevertheless, this is going to happen and the Scriptures tell us so. But the confusion in the predictions of ‘when’ is not to be confused with the human heart. For there may be some who fear it, whilst there are some who eager for it. No one knows, not even the Son, only the Father knows. In this world where another human preach to another, where one may be eager while the other is fearful, I vote to rest my faith in God and God alone. For me, His saving grace will always be enough; come when He pleases, sooner or later.


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