Road to Emmaus


Transcribed from Mizo song “Emmau kawng dai”

by V. P. Vanlalzuata

  1. On a road to Emmaus, desolate and forlorn
    Passeth two friends, woebegone travelers
    Upon them the dusk, the day closing in
    Pray they Jesus, to wake with them the dawn
  2. Dishearten never, does Jesus Him seekers
    So with them two dwell He thus
    Leaving in their midst peace everlasting
    And with them dwell He thus
  3. Seek I You now, Lord Jesus
    Before the dusk of my life upon me dawn
    Abide thee with me, fore falleth in the even tide
    Await thou my soul, your Lord, Jesus
  •  Linger near thee, Lord; late has it become
    Soon be the sun down the horizon steal
    Fast falls the even tide, on Emmaus, dark and forlorn
    Wake thee till dawn, with us, precious Lord.

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