Provenance of life



Transcribed from Mizo song “Ka Nun Hnarkaitu”

by C. Luri

  1. Who have I but You, Lord?
    My burden and plight, to You I carry;
    And all my joys and happiness,
    My deepest thoughts, you see me through.
  2. Should it be written, my every detail
    You would be there in each and every page;
    Lord, You know that I love you,
    My greatest pleasure is to do Your will.
  3. Your love draw me to You
    Should I falter or lose my way;
    Like sunlight and flower complete each other,
    Like rain and cloud, like the sun, moon and stars.
  4. Like meadow and river, like mother and child,
    Like light and delight ever didst bond;
    I cannot part with You, O Lord,
    My only begotten, I adore You.
  • You are the one who loves me,
    You always care for me
    Ever since my birth till today;
    You are the provenance of my life.

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