Lady or Beast?



   Bulbous eyes protruding out three-fold; short, almost rounded stumpy flesh for a nose that’s flared out max, flushed up skin, malevolently mangled-up hair and behind gritted stained-teeth grumbling about poking a sleeping beast awake. Yep! I know the picture alright.

   I guess it is true that the real self, the inner being of an individual can be revealed at heights of emotions, say anger, or frustration, or tension, or extreme sadness. And one more, when completely intoxicated with alcohol.

   They say girls are unpredictable in that they act up all good two-shoes in one scenario and become a fire-breathing monster in another. I’d say anyone can be unpredictable. They usually do not give this tag to the guy population almost possibly because the term “mysterious” sound more enticing. To me, it is just the same: just another silly word for “pretending”, and you’d surely agree that everyone can pretend.

   So what defines ‘a gentleman’? And what defines a ‘lady’? Both are expressions of fine quality in an individual. What better test to assess such quality than stress itself? A little insult here or there, a small nudge at the most delicate places or pokes at the sensitive parts.

   How do you handle a purposeful insult?

   A witty laugh-away or doltish reply? A jaunty disregard or an asinine daft? A nimble-witted maiden or a hussy lass? A gentleman or a monster? A lady or a beast?


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