Sturdy as the rock


Transcribed from Mizo song “Sual sipai ral nen nitin kan indo ţhin”

by Laithangpuia

  1. Everyday battle we, against the dark army
    With fatal blight when strike they
    Have I became so weary
    When but Christ swathed me with His armor.
    Chase I them back with renewed boldness
  2. Fear not, thrust on, the power of evil
    Deterred shall we not, soldiers of the Lamb King
    Nor by evil, nor by darkness.
    Parted have become the dark clouds that loom
    In sight is now the kingdom of Zion
  3. Your promise, the Great War, let it transpire
    Send forth Archangel Michael, Jesus Lord.
    Bound be the dark Lord Satan
    Eager for victory dance, are we your soldiers
    Before the dark Lord, our enemy can.
  4. Reach now we, Your peaceful hold.
    Sound it be, our victory song, on heaven and earth
    And to all being
    Saved are we, from dwelling in death
    Worth everything You are, my reason to utter!
  • Bless, you will; though my faith be
    Ever scourged by evil winds
    Waver not, dwindle it not
    Fervent as ever, sturdy as the river rocks

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