All Nations Shall See Him


Transcribed from Mizo song “Aw tunah chanchin mak tak chu”

by Suakliana

  1. Lo! Behold the amazing Gospel
    Is now here, none can tell enough
    Jesus’ love, the sweetest sound of all
    Is spreading aloft in this world. 
  2. The one who conquered death on Calvary
    There is none who can define
    T’is like a voice innumerable, unfettered
    That heals life in thousands.
  3. Before it’s clarity and coldness
    There is none who can stand
    Glory and power in the entire world
    Amen! To Jesus it belongs.
  4. Fade never will my Savior
    Ever-living, Son of God, King of kings
    Most beautiful, flower of life
    Praise Him all you heaven and earth.
  5. ‘Soon shall I come,’ says He
    Rise up, march onward for God
    His reign is almost upon us
    O my soul, praise the Lord!
  • The one rejected in Zion,
    On the throne of omnipotence
    In all glory, purity and honor
    All nations shall see Him

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