When I first saw you
I was scared to talk to you;
When I first talked to you
I was scared to fall for you;
But then I realized I already fell
Right from the first moment, anyone can tell.
Then I’d opt for a safer ground
That’s when I befriended you.

Years later we’d meet again
Was there anything I’d lose or gain?
Was it playful or intended?
I wished not ever to vend;
Never have a kiss so sweet
Ever has shaken me off my feet.
Then I’d decide to step into the unknown
That’s when I thought I had you.

For the first time I want to make it last
For the first time I want to be the first
But I guess this is not my time
And I forgot all my lines
Maybe I don’t have what it takes
And I don’t know how to fake
Then I no longer know to go round
That’s how I met my fear, I’m losing you

Time will heal most of the pain
But it’s the scars that will always remain
Never will I take your heart to break
My own I’ll keep instead at stake
Living, I will try my best to mend
Dying, I shall never take your heart to rend
Then at last I would have found
That my heart dies, screaming “I love you”.


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