It’s a purposeful life



   Each of us has his or her own purpose in whatever current commitment one has given into. And each commitment has a necessity that has to be fulfilled in order to have a socially productive life. Satisfaction is another thing which solely depends on the interest you have in doing it. Choice is what would happen after having an interest, and hopefully we are all responsible for the right choices.

   But the ever changing human heart has flings and flungs no matter what right choice we have made. Personal stability is still another issue. But for all the right choices, given time and hard-work, and still yet depending on personal outlook, satisfaction should come in easy. But it is the commitment that’s hard. Harder still is stability, and the hardest is possibly perseverance which is yet another issue!

   There are times, and I can tell you ‘lots’ of times, when you would find yourself empty, purposeless, useless and sadly, sad. These are probably self-diagnosed as ‘hard times’. To get oneself back into the right gear and run the race again is painfully hard. And you could just look around and find yourself suddenly on an island where you have to build yourself a boat to escape.

   But it’s never that easy and you can’t blame anyone for feeling empty, purposeless and so on when the right words should be lazy, out-of-touch, parasitic and, yes probably again, lazy! Then the next excuse would be ‘I am not a machine, I need a vacation’; but that too is not a good one when you have actually been out-of-touch for more than a month or two. So, you just have to admit you are being lazy.

   Then suddenly you realized that that island you got stuck into has all the resources and whatever else you need to build the boat, sometimes it even came along with a ‘Build-an-escape-boat-in-no-time‘ manual. Phew! Beats me! And the next thing you ask yourself, (Yes, the ever-question-never-answering human nature!) what is wrong with me? Hello! What is wrong with you?! Like anyone has the time or even the slightest interest to study you that hard which you, being you, can’t ever seem to figure it out! Like we all don’t have our own problems! Duh!

   And now you are looking for what? Inspiration? Motivation? Crisis? A spark? (A spark?! Whoa! That’s really too much! You gotta stop watching Animax for your own good! ) These are all really fake psychological diversion that made you think that you want to get back to first gear. And ugh! People fall for that! All the time! However these days it’s hardly a slight temporary mental booster which fades away as quick as it comes.

   What we all have to really know is really simple, our purpose. Be it a student, a Government servant, a housewife, a carpenter, a teacher, a musician, a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, a designer… whatever we are doing; we have to know our purpose. Then we can have the heart to fulfill that purpose which is probably different for each. For example, I am a student and I find myself at best when I study diligently and got my satisfaction from that. I have done my part well in the society and in my family and I don’t have to regret my existence anymore. It is a purposeful life, fulfill it, and then happiness comes in. 


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