I need God


   I need God; the moment I say these words the powerful reminder comes right after – not just when I think I do, but each and every second of my life. It’s just that most of the time I don’t even remember to remember that I need God, all the time! We have become so self-absorbed with our own problems that we take so many things for granted. It’s only when we reach our limits that we start to call on God. It makes one wonder how God must’ve felt.

   For man, who is completely incapable of independent survival, it is but utter defiance to take the One who gives life for granted. But that is what we often do. So we are not only incapable but also an utter disgrace at the same time. Who in his right mind forgets his daily nutrition? He would be struck by painful hunger. But that exactly is the catch!

   The further we drift away from God, the worse would our vitality become. Then we would, running out of choice, go back to the God who will always be there and all but more than just enough to heal us. After all, what can be a better condition than brokenness to make the ever adamant human crawl back to his Creator?

   But the real question still remains: why, after such realization of the need of God in all times would we go back to our selfish ways just to crawl back again for the umpteenth time? As a friend of mine has asked herself a parallel question: why, yet again, wander away when we know so sure where eternal peace hails? Why not just give in already and live in peace?

   For all I know, I think the defect in human is very well countered with the hunger reflex which would make anyone crawl back to the truth. As of now, the realization that ‘I need God, each and every breathing second, minute, hour, day, month, year, for all time and even after that’ is enough to keep me in the light. Should I wander again, something will happen to keep me in check; and even if I have fainted out of such hunger, Grace will do everything even down to dragging my limp soul back into the light.

   To top it all, I can say His grace is sufficient for me, and may His power be made complete in my complete weakness. I need God.


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