What is love



   What is love? How do you know that someone loves you? How do you know that you love someone? They say that happiness can come from the smallest of efforts, and sadness comes from the smallest of neglects.

   How much should you expect? How much should you hope for? What is the limit? When do you stop for fear of being annoying? When do you start being annoying and when do you start being neglectful?

   Whom do you love? How much should you love? What sacrifices are worth it? And what sacrifices might go in vain?

   How do you make a person fall in love with you? How can anyone fall in love with you? How come it turns out that the harder you try the lesser you get? And at times you don’t even try yet you get surprised!

   When do you call it ‘over’? How long should you keep trying? How much is worth it and how much is not worth it anymore?

   What is that fine line that demarcates you from being a caring lover to being a fussy freak?

   How much space do you want? How much space should you give? When is the alibi for being busy reasonable or unreasonable?

   How do you get hurt? What hurts the most? Are you hurting for the right reasons? How would you know that?

   When do you bring up an argument? How do you decide whether it should be an argument, a discussion, or a fight?

   Do like attract or repel each other? What makes you compatible for each other? How do you make the differences work out? How did people complement each other? A hot temper and a cool one, noisy and quiet, a talking one and a practical one, older and younger, malignant and benign, sense and sensuality, treasure and waste, ice and fire; hot and cold.

   How do you start up a conversation? How do you end one? How much can you say in ten minutes over the phone? What do people drone about over five hours over the phone?

   What is infatuation? What is love? How do you know the differences between the two?

   When do you decide that it’s over? How can it possibly be over? What could have gone wrong? How do you make it right again? When do you love, and why do you hate?

   Questions after questions, confusions after confusions; life is as crazy as it gets. Sometimes the same person that hurts you can heal you and vice versa. And yet there are some who continuously hurt you, and few others who continuously heals you. Nonetheless, wounds may heal, but scars remain.

   Life is but for those who seek light, because in the darkness only death remains. A coward dies many times before his death. The journey of the human soul is not always on a smooth path; sometimes it’s bumpy, at times it’s dusty, sometimes it is full of thorns and bushes, it is often an uphill climb and the weather can be so mean. Only at times do we get to travel on a fair-weather road, smooth and calm. Life is also like an ocean: calm as it can become, when it churns it can be so ugly and treacherous.

   When the darkest of clouds cover up the warmth of the sun, when everything goes wrong and there is an unbearable aching pain in your heart; think of the good times that you had, those that once happened albeit a long time ago, yet it did happened. Those were true feelings, and in the corner of your heart you can still feel it; hope is rising. Like a small candle burning in the dark that won’t blow out, just because you are going through tough times doesn’t mean there’s no more love, you just have to remind yourself how to feel it.

   When your heart grows weary think of all the good times; and small as it may have become cling on to the very reason for you not to let go. Save it as long as there is something to save. Relationships are meant to last; only problem is, we tend to wear out.

   People change, memories do not. This is why we hold on to memories; thinking of the good old days, even when there’s no one to hold on to. No one is perfect, and it is only human to change. Do change, but change into a better you.

   Like and love: We like each other for our goodness, but we love another for their defects. We admire each other for what we can do, our abilities and capabilities; but when it comes to love, we love the other for his/her defects.

   A lot of people will like me for what I can do – doing good things, but a lot will not love me at all. For I am a defective being, prone to mistakes, vulnerable to injuries and hideous to look at. But the one who loves me will love me for my shortcomings, for my defects – This is love.


4 thoughts on “What is love

  1. I totally agree with the last paragraph. People who truly love you take you for all that your are, faults and all. Everybody has them, it is part of who they are. I’ve been judged many times, my character ripped apart by people I considered the closest but those moments are needed to realise the true character of those very people. I hope you find someone who loves you for who you are. R

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