Agape 3



   What greater love than for a man to lay his life down for his friend? I am a friend of God.

   For a while now, life seems to oscillate between issues of unanswered love and love unattended to, the repetitive question of ‘why’ and the preceding realization of ‘oh my’. Every question of ‘why’ automatically answering itself with ‘neither did you’ precedes a stage of complete silence, defeat and humility. Debatable on either side of the argument, all the while standing strong in its own place – a clash of powerful emotions is what defines it.

   Such a war brew within the self, throwing one in a thought spasm leading to emotional convulsions – fits that disable the mind for clarity. In the end, you’d end up saying ‘I don’t even know what I am feeling anymore’. What better option than the incapable human being to simply shut down in desperation, running out of efforts and emotional energy to go on. Still the more amazing when you discover that emotional exhaustion drains the body much more than physical exertion does.

   That is when one arrives at a null point of the self. Much more than the hurt, the stress, the exhaustion and the frustration from an external blight the realization of the limitation of the self takes a greater toll. When for all the good reasons you were told to be strong, confident and able, to experience such a ruthless deflation of the self-esteem is simply obliterating and agonizing. Then follows the feeling of falling into a deep abyss of desperation, faithlessness and forlorn.

   But there is hope.

   Because there is love, the amount of which no human heart can contain, the ways of which no human life can pursue, the grace of which no human mind can imagine. And it all gets better: this love is free, nevertheless at the cost of divine blood, and simply to be received under conditions however all too petite in comparison to the value of this gift. Such is the love of God.

   ‘Priceless’ would be the word that best comes to might at the very thought of this. One could take its vocabulary meaning two ways: one that defines it as something that cannot be bought by any kind of money irrespective of the amount, and the other that defines it as free of cost. Priceless!

   The love of God is such that you can do all that man could possibly be capable of and beyond, but come to a point not even close to deserving it. It cannot be earned, nor bought, nor traded for there is nothing worthy enough on the other side of the equation. This is one apposite condition where the word ‘impossible’ can be utilized in all its meaning. But the love of God has been offered freely, not just offered, but freely given! Should you sleep, wake, walk, talk, work, and take, throw, knowing or oblivious – the love of God remains, free and tending to us every blinking and unblinking second of our lives. Simply priceless!

   So what are we still waiting for? Who wants not to be loved? Are we not everyday yearning for love – Living for the cause of love, aching in the name of love, sacrificing for the sake of love, hoping to be loved? It doesn’t get any better than this: it also gives eternal life.

   For God so loved the world He had created, that He had given His only begotten Son to die for its salvation; and whosoever believe in His Son shall not perish but gains everlasting life.


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