Agape 1


I am once again hurt and I do not have anything to say for myself. I placed my trust and my love on someone who is not worth it. I have failed to love the one who loves me, so getting seriously hurt shouldn’t really be such a surprise. Yet it still hurt as hell. I guess you can say I brought down hell upon myself.

But the everlasting love of My Father keeps me up even when I kept on rejecting it. Indeed I am a failure, for I failed my true purpose. I gave my heart away in the name of love for love which was not meant to be. It drives me crazy and I almost lost the will to live. But somehow I haven’t taken my own life, for I know that for one who cannot give life it would be the ultimate sin to take one away.

 I disappointed hope when I feel hopeless; I disappointed optimism when I feel pessimistic. But the grace of My Father granted me wisdom to be able to understand the love that I disappointed which kept on reaching out towards and for me, calling me. I feel ashamed for complaining about my own love that got rejected when I keep on rejecting the love that kept on loving me endlessly. After all, I only get what I deserve and I can’t complain.

But this love that kept on reaching out to me is the kind of love second to none. This world does not know it because it is too deep for the wisdom of man to understand. It is the love that does not know when to stop forgiving; it is the love that does not demarcate the beautiful and the ugly; it is the love that kept on being faithful no matter how much it got cheated on; it is the love that forgives and forgets!

This love knows no disappointment; it does not give up; it endures all the possible pains and yet stayed strong and true until the end. This love is the one that got our Lord to perform the ultimate deed: the act of self sacrifice for the benefit of the ones He truly loves! What truer love than for a friend to give his own life to save his friends? What proof can possibly be better? What doubt can remain?

Even then, we keep on rejecting this love and chase after love that is only make-believe; and bogus as it is, it never lasts. And all that remain is an ugly scar after a long, hurtful, slow-healing wound. You gave your heart away to that that heartlessly destroys it and you left the true love, which kept on waiting and reaching to you, to weep in pain.

But that love so true has hands so tender that it will gently pick up the broken pieces and gracefully put them together so that you may feel again.


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