Wounds heal, scars remain.
In pathology, the process of wound healing is described in a beautiful manner expressing the different maneuvers and transformations underwent by the body in a systematic and organized manner conducting vital components to mend the injury. Complicated wounds resulting from harmful germs and unfavorable environ often recuperate with ugly scars. And scars, ugly as they may, complete their function by doing their best to close up wounds and help continue healthy subsistence.
The soul is one vulnerable aspect of the being, though being the essence of life, often referred to as the emotional ambience. This is what makes us superior over all other beings of flesh and blood on this earth: the human soul sensitive to a vast ocean of emotions. And when inflicted, went through stages of healing, at times ending up with scars. Thereon, scars influence future outlook and behavior, be it an improvement or a drawback, moving us onto a new chapter in life.
Every day we expose ourselves to the risks of emotional trauma; our thoughts and actions discreetly affecting varying influential corollary. The people we trusts, the ones we suspect, our loved ones, bastards we abhor, indifference towards a few more; people we need, some we relied on, commitments we’d make, boyfriends, girlfriends, husband, wife, liars, cheaters, thieves and scoundrels, relationships we establish, friendship we broke, new people we’d meet, romance, partings, love, compassion and hope.
Sometimes we end with scars; at times we leave scars on others. Who is good enough to blame the other? Trusting one, blaming the other; who is better now? Loving one, hating the other; who can then claim to be a true love? Partiality and biased ways – a loving heart for one, a ruthless Judas for the other; who then is pure of heart? Judge me, judge us, but hear
this first: “He that is without sin among you let him first cast a stone…”
But one that remained still is this: take responsibility for your own life, for your own actions and conclusions. Wounds are inevitable, scars are unavoidable. Every turn is that much delicate a movement to be undertaken for one slight diversion from the considered considerable regime precedes a fate which exacts a deep, gaping wound in our wake.
When you give your heart to someone, when you grant to the one that delicate right to meddle with your soul, when you made that strong a commitment to the one, but when that one is a harlot who led a lie for a life, who gave a pathetic alibi in the form of something like ‘changed mind’ or ‘love him more’; that is when wounds get complicated and indelible scars become.

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